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All You Need to Know About Canvas Seat Covers

Car seats need to be comfortable in order to have a pleasurable driving experience. It is important to protect your car seat from wear and tear, in order to have ultimate comfort and ease. Seat covers are essential to ensure the protection and comfortableness of your car seat.

Seat covers not only keep the seats protected from dust and stains, they also make the car’s interior look cleaner and polished. Seat covers are available in different materials like leather, fabric, canvas, etc. Canvas seat covers are a great way to protect your car’s upholstery and to keep it clean.

Do you need canvas seat covers?

In order to assess whether you need canvas seat cover for your car seats or not, you should ask three questions to yourself. If answers to these questions are yes, then you should contact Custom Car Motor Trimmers right away. We offer custom seat covers for commercial and 4WD vehicles.

  1. Do you use a commercial or 4WD vehicle and it is used a lot?
  2. Do your car seats get damaged easily?
  3. Are your car seats uncomfortable and too warm to sit on?

What benefits do canvas seat covers offer?


Canvas seat covers are highly durable; they are designed to endure extreme climate conditions. Canvas seat covers can protect your car seats from water, dirt, heat, mud, and other spills. Canvas seat covers usually last more than the traditional seat covers.


Canvas seat covers are not hot and sweaty like vinyl. They are comfortable and softer; they do not stick to your skin like vinyl.


Canvas seat covers are not only cost-effective in terms of price but they also help you save money by protecting your seats from damage.


Canvas seat covers fit well over your seats. They do not creep sideways and therefore, are very comfortable to sit on. Custom canvas seat covers can also be made to accurately fit seats of your vehicle.

Where to Buy?

If you are looking to protect your car seats from everyday wear and tear, you can opt for canvas seat covers. Custom Car Motor Trimmers offer canvas seat covers for a majority of commercial and 4WD vehicles.

We are in this business since 1978, recognized by the Department of Transport as a leader in safety and compliance. Our canvas seat covers can protect your car seats from dust, diesel, and oil. If you need more guidance on choosing the perfect seat cover for your car, you can give us a call at 08 9279 3066.

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