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Your Commercial Car Seat Cover Buying Guide

commerical seat covers

Car seat covers are a necessity to car owners. They protect your seats from spills and muddy pet paws, and save you from spending hundreds of dollars on replacing the car seats. Car seat covers can revamp your car’s interior and add elegance and style to your vehicle. However, buying perfect seat covers for your truck or SUV can become quite a headache because there are several different types of car seat covers available in different materials.

When choosing seat covers for your SUV, 4WD, or truck, you should ask certain questions to yourself to determine your needs and preferences. Determine who rides in your truck and where do you go the most? Do you have pets and children? Are fast-food and drink spills unavoidable for your 4WD? The answers to these questions can help you determine the type of commercial car seat covers that will perfectly complement your preferences and your budget.

Types of Car Seat Covers

There are tons of car seat covers available in the market, each having a unique fit and a different material. Every material has its own attributes, advantages, and disadvantages. We are listing some of the most popular and common commercial car seat cover materials here.

Leather Seat Covers

Leather seat covers are one of the most expensive car seat covers. These are best for individuals who want to enjoy the comfort and luxury of leather upholstery seats in their SUV or 4×4 without spending a hefty amount. Leather seat covers are durable, easy to clean, elegant, and highly resistant to wear and tear and spills.

Polyester Seat Covers

Polyester seat covers are the most purchased commercial car seat covers because of their affordability and durability. The fabric is resistant to most chemicals and is quite durable. It dries quickly and can be easily washed in a washing machine. However, polyester seat covers are not as comfortable and luxurious as leather seat covers. If you want a car seat cover that matches the colour of your car’s interior, you should consider buying polyester seat covers because they are available in a number of colours and patterns.

Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas seat covers are another type of fabric car seat covers, which are very durable and comfortable. Canvas commercial car seat covers are designed to endure harsh treatment and climate. These are very resistant to wear and tear and provide superior comfort and softness. High quality canvas commercial car seat covers are available at Customs Car Motor Trimmers. The company offers canvas seat covers for a majority of commercial and 4WD vehicles.

Car Seat Cover Fit

Another important consideration of selecting seat covers for your car is the seat cover fit. There are two types of seat covers in terms of fitting to the car seats – custom seat covers and universal seat covers.

As the name implies, universal seat covers are designed to fit almost all types of car seats. However, the fit is not perfect, which means that you will be required to adjust your seat covers frequently. On the other hand, custom seat covers are specially designed to perfectly fit your car seats. Custom seat covers are more expensive but they offer superior comfort and luxury.

The selection of commercial car seat covers depends on personal preferences and budget. However, we recommend you to buy the high-quality canvas seat covers from Custom Cars Motor Trimmers. Call us today at 08 9279 3066.

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