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Importance of Suspension Seat Maintenance

Custom cars motor trimmers, a four wheel drive and truck specialist, brings to you an exclusive take on the importance of suspension seat maintenance. Due to decades of experience installing custom accessories in trucks, buses, etc., we’ve learned that people do understand the importance of suspension seats. However, a vast majority fail to perform timely maintenance and repairs of their suspension seats.

Therefore, custom cars motor trimmers have taken upon themselves to educate the people on the importance of the maintenance.

Individuals who neglect to maintain their vehicle’s suspension seats are open to three different types of risks:

  • Whole Body Vibrations – This can affect your comfort levels, driving performance and most importantly adversely affect your health and have negative safety implications.
  • Occupational Overuse Syndrome – It is a type of injury that commonly affects elbows, wrists, fingers and hands. It is also known as repetitive strain injury. It is caused by strain induced by repetitive movements and awkward postures.
  • Financial Implications – If timely repairs are not made, the suspension seat system might completely fail and would require costly replacements of a vehicles drive train.

The parts that involve continuous movement are subject to wear and tear. Components such as bearings, adjustment levels, dampers, pins, and seat foam are common wear points. Hence, they should be regularly monitored to ensure they aren’t excessively worn-out.

While operating the vehicle on a rough terrain, the driver is subject to significant vibrations, which enter the body through the lower body. A worn out seat would be less effective in absorbing these shocks or vibrations, leaving the body to absorb high levels of shocks which can be harmful. Continuous exposure to harmful levels of vibrations can lead to chronic fatigue, weakness, headaches and reduced concentration levels. Long term exposure can lead to severe effects such as intestinal irritation, abdominal pain, piles, and vision and balance problems.

So as a defence mechanism, suspension seats play a vital role in terms of the driver’s safety and comfort. Such equipment should be considered as personal protective equipment and the driver shouldn’t try to save on such life saving equipment.

Ergonomic support and comfort is detrimental to the driver and these seats are built to provide ample lumbar support and are adjustable for individualised ergonomic needs. The optimum functionality of suspension seats is imperative in preventing occupational overuse syndrome.

Aside from the various health implication we’ve mentioned, saving small amounts of cash on maintenance will cause your safety equipment to deteriorate at a faster rate. Once your seat is rendered completely redundant, you will be forced to make extremely costly repairs all at once. Thus, incurring low cost repairs in the short term is financially beneficial compared to complete seat replacement.

It is highly recommended that you contact only a specialised seat installer when looking to install a new suspension seat. Contact Custom Car Motor Trimmer for more information on suspension seats.

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